{LOVE} The perfect jean shorts

As a somewhat shopoholic, I’m a lover of many many things that I find to be essentials in my closet: LBD, trench, black blazer with leopard-print silk lining inside (seriously, best.roll-up sleeves.ever), Tory Burch flats (well okay, a little overdone but I can’t yet afford these loves), perfect dark skinny jeans that make me seem taller than my measly 5’3”. Yes all of those are needed and used on a weekly basis. However, my newest essential is my Seven Jeans jean roll-up shorts. FABULOUS.

As any of my friends could vouch, I wear these almost every day. Why? Because they go with everything, are outrageously comfortable, flattering on the booty (how many pairs of shorts can say that?), and you can even wear them out at night with a cute top and blazer. Three of my best friends have them as well, and while they have a little more taste than me to not wear them everyday, are also in love. 

While I’m not advising you to go out and spend $140 on shorts (that was a weak shopping moment for me… but I seriously NEEDED them), I am advising you to go find a pair to add to your closet. You’ll thank me later.

{behold my classic casual spring outfit: BP white v-neck, Seven Jeans shorts, Chanel sunglasses and Michael Kors menswear watch}

Now if only I could get rid of the little hole in the butt that’s developed from my overuse… Shoulda bought them at Nordstrom.